Vhipir-class corvette
Vhipir-class light corvette
Production information

Korsal Galactic


Light corvette

Technical specifications

Six light turbolaser placements

Usage information

Remnant Era


Redemption Crusaders
Mandalorian League

The Vhipir-class light corvette, also known more commonly as the Vapor-class corvette in Basic, was a sleek, four-engined starship produced in low quantity on Corsavos by Korsal Galactic.



Credit for the design went to the famed Mandalorian shipwright Visgo Concade, who was contracted by Korsal Galactic for the sum of Galactic Credit Symbol 5,000,000. The resulting vessel was widely considered to be her finest starship design.


The starship measured 144 meters in length, and bore two sublight engines and two heavy interstellar core engines. Every Vhipir-class was equipped with a single nose-mounted turbolaser cannon, and 11 light assault autolasers were positioned along either side. The light corvette was also equipped with two missile bays, one on each side of the command center. Armor consisted of three-inch thick beskar plating, making the vessel capable of resisting direct turbolaser strikes even with its shields down.

Known ShipsEdit

250 Vhipir-class corvettes were known to exist, including: