Ushara Tavlijiis
Ushara the Hutt
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59 ABY, Ylesia



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Ushara Tavlijiis Orrt, more commonly known as Ushara the Hutt, was a Senator of Hutt Space and of the Tavlijiis kajidic originally hailing from Ylesia who rose to the position of Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Alliance following the political exile of Chancellor Revaram. Soon after, Ushara became "Grand Protector" of the Galactic Protectorate.


Early LifeEdit

The Hutt known as Ushara Orrt was born on Ylesia in 59 ABY. His father, Geshra the Hutt, was a Crimelord in the Hutt Cartel, and as a result Ushara himself succeeded his elder as lorda of the Tavlijiis kajidic. Rising slowly through the ranks, Ushara gained a position on the Hutt Minor Council in 244 ABY.

Senator to the Galactic AllianceEdit

He was appointed first Ambassador and then Senator to the Galactic Alliance in 247 ABY, and directly opposed Pax Revaram for the position of Supreme Chancellor, but the huge support of the military Ranquell Commission delegates overrode him for electoral votes. Vestis Brand, the Sullustan representative of the Commission, ferociously smeared the Hutt Crimelord's political reputation in the process with the discovery of his involvement with the shady Spice Cartels of Theltoo.

Shamed, Ushara withdrew from the political scene on Coruscant and returned home to Ylesia, where he spent the next decade rebuilding his political appearance- and wealth from lucrative criminal endeavors in the galactic Underworld.

Thispia Route DisputeEdit

In 256 ABY, the Hutt Cartel engaged in a brief conflict with the Mercantile League over the Thispia Hyperspace lane, a newly-discovered shortcut route in the Outer Rim that proved optimum for shipping and cut smuggling costs in half.

Ushara, then Chief Procurator of the Hutt Cartel, coordinated the treaty with the Mercantile League in such a way as to highly benefit the Hutts. His experience in politics proved invaluable. As a result of his clever maneuvering, the Hutt Cartel had appointed him to the Grand Council by 258 ABY.

Return to CoruscantEdit

"The Hutt Clan sends its deepest regards and sympathies to the family of Commissioner Brand. Know that in this time of emotional struggle, our thoughts and cares go out to the victims of this horrible, horrible incident." - TZ-3Z, Representative of Granchlorda Ushara the Hutt

With a seat on the Grand Council and a significantly cleaner reputation, Ushara returned to Galactic politics in 260 ABY. He quietly mourned the death of Commissioner Vestis Brand, who had died in his luxury apartment a week earlier of a spice overdose...