Torvis Halci was the male Quarren leader of the Agamar Migrants League, representing offworld settlers in the Agamar Rotunda. He later became the head of a separatist movement on Agamar seeking to right perceived grievances from the native Agamarans.
After a years-long civil war, Halci's separatists captured Calna Muun, the Agamran capital; however, the Quarren insurrectionist was unable to assert complete control over Agamar nor represent the world in the Galactic Senate due to the fact that the planet's current Senator Ambrin Berrant, was still living and had been relocated to Corellia for protection during the war.
As a result of this obstacle, Halci turned to the shadier elements of the Galaxy. In 244 ABY, Torvis Halci hired the Mandalorian bounty hunter known as "Headhunter" to search out and kill Senator Berrant on Corellia; a mission that was carried out to perfection. With Berrant dead and no trail left behind to tie him to the assassination, Halci was voted in as Senator of Agamar by way of a forced election in 245 ABY.