Tair Republic1
Tair Republic
General information
Type of organization

Democratic Republic


Caldoren Frenla
Serdogan Bepta
Galactic Alliance Senate



Historical information

323 ABY

Other information

Remnant era

The Tair Republic was the term applied to the subjugated Galactic Protectorate after its defeat at the hands of the Mandalorian League during the Tion Hyperspace War.
Seeing that maintaining a Galaxy-wide government would be too much an undertaking for the Mandalorian League, the Mandalore Caldoren Frenla relinquished control of Coruscant and the Galactic Senate and placed it under the control of a more competent leader. With Ushara the Hutt removed from office and a new Chancellor put in power, the Tair Republic became a benevolent ally of the Mandalorians and aided them in the war with the Sith Ascendancy in the following years.