The Siege of Maramere was the first major engagement of the Ascendance Conflict. It ended in the death of Darth Nevess and a Republic victory.
In 325 ABY the planet Maramere was attacked by a Sith Ascendancy armada led by Darth Nevess and Darth Vician. The Mandalorian Crusader fleet engaged them above as a full-scale Sith invasion took place on the planet below.
Mandalore the Inexorable boarded the Sith Dreadnaught Revenant and wounded the Sith Potentate in combat; Nevess fled, but was killed soon thereafter by his apprentice, Vician. The remainder of the Sith fleet retreated to the planet surface, where a large ray shield had been established and heavy batteries drove the Crusaders back. Darth Vician fled into hyperspace to rendezvous with her master on Dxun, although the siege would continue for another two weeks before the oppressed Ascendancy forces retreated into Sith space.