Scovara was a rocky moon in the Tarsu system, in the galactic Mid Rim, which orbited the planet Tarsu. Due to water rich in anthocyans, the local vegetation carried a distinctive blue color, and the soil of the world, being largely devoid of iron oxides, was gray and coarse.
Tensions mounted between the Scovara Combine, a loose alliance of several militant and political elements on Scovara, and the Galactic Alliance- prompting the Jedi Grand Council to sanction a peacekeeping mission to the sector, fearing the Combine might attempt a takeover of the system goverment on the planet below.
After the mission's failure due to the intervention of the Jedi Exiles, the Tarsu system was declared a protectorate of the exiled order and was used as a base of operations for their war against the Old Order.