The Ranquell Peace Commission, abbreviated as the RPC, was a military alliance founded on Ranquell in 249 ABY. As the Jedi Order became corrupted and weakened by politics in the Galactic Alliance and their own internal civil war, the Commission sought to usurp the position of galactic peacekeeping from them- and succeeded, for the most part.

While the Jedi continued the Second Jedi Civil War with the Jedi Exiles, ravaging much of the Galaxy in the process, the RPC was working behind the scenes to undermine both sides of the conflict. Those in the Alliance attempting to keep the government and secular military out of the Jedi squabble were quickly uprooted by the RPC, which then placed Senator Pax Revaram in the office of Supreme Chancellor; both factions of Jedi were out of hand, it was decided, and they immediately set out to stop the conflict in the name of Galactic peace.

The Jedi and Jedi Exiles were locked in a struggle for control of the enclave on Mortis when the RPC fleet appeared, turning a small dispute into a three-way battle. After both the Exiles and Jedi were crushed, the Commission ignorantly proceeded to bombard the source of the Jedi dispute. The resulting Shadow in the Force destroyed all present, not to mention much of Wild Space along with it, and forced a floundering Galaxy to its knees.