The Lightning War began as a series of small battles between the Kriv Syndicate and the Grand Furreska's Army, the two main factions attempting to lay claim to their Mustelara homeworld and its surrounding system after the fall of the Galactic Protectorate of Federated Systems.

However, the Lightning War soon escalated into a conflict between Mustelara and the neighboring planet Viss when GFA scientists experimenting with their prototype weaponry ended up blasting a passing Viss ship to crackling pieces using their technology. Technology that, regardless of the weather, tore lightning from the Mustelaran sky and directed it towards an object at the flip of a switch.

A treaty quickly ensued between the Kriv Syndicate and the GFA as they dealt with their reptilian Viss neighbors and their insectoid allies, the Hiromi.

Nasiri Kriv, the leader of the GFA, seized the throne during the chaos, becoming the Grand Furreska she vowed she'd become and arresting all of the leading Kriv who sided against her, regardless of the treaty. In-fighting broke out between the leaderless Kriv Syndicate and the GFA once more as indignant soldiers attempted to rescue the imprisoned Kriv, but without their tactically-skilled commanders, the last of the Kriv Syndicate was put to a swift end.