Gondaa Tesescii Merat, known publicly and professionally as Gondaa the Hutt, was a masculine Hutt from Nal Hutta, a member of the Tesescii kajidic, and underboss to the Hutt Cartel on Nar Shaddaa.

His criminal enterprises eventually led him to a Hutt Clan deal with the Mandalorian insurrectionist group Death Watch in 256 ABY, supplying their growing militant effort in exchange for credits and special services. After Alliance discovery of his involvement in the plot, Gondaa fled to his private high-rise apartment on Coruscant, intending to lie low until the crisis passed.
Considering Gondaa to have fulfilled his obligations, however, and seeing him as no more than a loose end, the Death Watch lieutenant Dara Vizsla tracked him there and silenced the Hutt gangster.