Born on Shili under the name Nerha Rero in 293 ABY, the Togruta female who would later serve as the apprentice of Darth Nevess was taken at an early age to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where she was trained to use the Light Side of the Force. While on a mission to the dead moon of Antar in 295 ABY, Rero's keeper, Jedi Knight Raine Ciel-Tera, defected to the Jedi Exiles.
The study of the Dark Side and a search for reason behind the Second Jedi Civil War eventually led her to the Demon Moon, where she found the Sith holocron of Tvath, a powerful Force being who corrupted her mind and fed her on confusion and hate. Forcibly apprenticed to the ruined Darth Nevess, she was given the Sith name of Darth Vician, and not long thereafter killed Nevess on Maramere in a test of ability set up by the Tvath, taking on both the role of master and full leadership of the Sith Ascendancy in a single strike of her lightsaber.
After many successful battles against the Tair Republic and Mandalorians, Vician was captured by Jedi Knight Sil Sentarra and Jedi Master Ta'Ri. Once separated from the Tvath's influence, Nerha quickly began to recollect her old life. With assistance from the Jedi, she began to block out the Sith mind corruption that had manipulated her every thought for the past decade. Nerha devoted her final days to meditation and resigned herself to the fate that lay, inevitable, before her.
Although she privately and personally reformed and renounced the Sith in her three years of imprisonment, the former Sith Empress was led to the Galactic Capital Plaza on Coruscant and lawfully executed by order of a Tribunal Court in 330 ABY.