Dara Vizsla
Dara Vizsla
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229 ABY, Mandalore

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1.68 meters


55 kilograms

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Death Watch


Bounty hunter

Dara Vizsla was a female Mandalorian Human bounty hunter and Death Watch commander, and the elder sister of Zand Vizsla. She was a key element in the Redemption of Mandalore.


Early lifeEdit

Dara Vizsla was born on the planet Mandalore in 229 ABY, a member of the fragmented and powerless Mandalorian house of Clan Vizsla. She and her brother Zand, born five years hence, spent much of their childhood years on the frigid, rocky moon world Concordia. Their family had been exiled there following a failed government takeover instigated by her mother, Cir Vizsla, on the planet below.
In 244 ABY, while working as a mercenary in the Mid Rim, Vizsla took out a contract on Senator Ambrin Berrant, earning her a place as the target of the Senator's daughter, Serín Berrant's ambitions.

Death WatchEdit

Working with the HuttsEdit

Soon after, Dara Vizsla was recruited into the new Death Watch, which had begun secretly stockpiling ships and resources on Corsavos. Unquestioning, Dara worked alongside her brother to recruit gangsters and militants on Nar Shaddaa under the approval of the local crime lord, Gondaa the Hutt.
With this new distinction, Vizsla ran several missions for the Hutt Clan in order to keep up Death Watch's end of the bargain, including the murder of Vesz Rzlano, Archgrave of Mirkau- a political rival.

Tying up loose endsEdit

When Gondaa the Hutt's personal droid fell into Alliance hands, Dara was ordered by Death Watch to escort Gondaa to his penthouse on Coruscant, where the Hutt could maintain a low profile under her protection.
Time was running out for Gondaa the Hutt, however: Alliance strike teams closed in on the penthouse, and Dara assassinated the Hutt before fleeing the system, leaving the Alliance agents empty-handed.

The RedeemerEdit

Arriving back on Concordia, Dara was informed by Death Watch that Gondaa and the careful plotting and intrigue of their order no longer mattered; a man known simply as The Redeemer was soon to reveal himself to the Galaxy as the new mand'alor, and they would all rally to his cause in shedding the chains of Alliance control.
Mandalore would be reforged.