COD-16, squad callsign Direcat, was one of twenty elite commando units serving in the GAF. It was led by Captain Serín Berrant and Lieutenant Bez, and included striketroopers Cols, Tantin, Camsen, Berns, Uupek and S'liit.


Direcat was frequently assigned to the Mid-Rim and Hutt Space.
In 254 ABY, Direcat took down the separatist leadership of the planet Agamar.
In 256 ABY, Direcat was sent to Raxus Prime to investigate the bounty hunter Dara Vizsla's involvement in the Redemption plot, and was briefly separated from its officers when they were captured by the Death Watch and held hostage on Corsavos. Later that same year, they were tasked with arresting Gondaa the Hutt. Dara Vizsla executed their quarry before they could carry out the mission, however.